Posture Seat, Transforming your posture & sitting experience

Color - Black
Type: healthcare

Posture Seat

Improve your posture by encouraging the correct spine alignment! 

The Posture Core Seat provides a new way to improve your sitting posture! The revolutionary back support has been tested and endorsed by the London Spine Clinic on Harley Street. 

  • The Posture Seat encourages your spine into the correct posture, which reduces pressure on the back by up to 30%. The portable posture support can be used everywhere, such as the office, living room and in your car. Natural posture can be improved within the space of two weeks.
  • Made of a highly elastic material, the Posture Seat pulls in the pelvis and exerts pressure on to the waist. The durable, yet elastic backrest can withstand a load of up to 310lbs/140kg and effectively support your spine, as it naturally maintains the correct posture, reducing back pain and fatigue.
  • Place the Posture Seat against or with some space between the backrest of your chair. This allows you to adjust it to the utmost level of comfort. The double layered, water resistant fabric provides comfort and maintains sanitation. It is very hygienic and feels soft. 
  • The Posture Chair has been endorsed by the London Spine Clinic on Harley Street for effective posture correction before and after exercise (Walking, Running, Cycling, Pilates, Yoga and Golf. Naturally corrects pelvic torsion caused by poor sitting posture and cross-legged posture.
  • Convenient, portable, and easy-to-use: ideal for carrying with built-in handle, and is easy to install. The built-in “air hole way” ventilation system and formed EVA (ethylene-vinyl acetate) foam will evenly distribute the body’s weight. This helps with circulating air to distribute body heat smoothly and to prevent sweat from building up even after long hours of sitting.

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