Neck Physio Traction Pillow - For Neck Pain, Massage and Stretch


The BODIFLX Neck Traction Pillow is made with high-quality materials and designed to support the correct posture of the cervical vertebra. By aligning the neck and spine, it effectively eliminates neck fatigue and stiffness, reducing discomfort and improving mobility.

Whether you're an office worker, athlete, or anyone experiencing neck pain or discomfort, the Traction Pillow is a simple and effective way to soothe away a stiff neck and improve your overall well-being. Simply rest in comfort for 10 minutes and release stress and tension quickly and effectively.

With its unique design, the Traction Pillow helps restore the proper cervical curvature associated with poor posture, allowing you to stretch, relax and massage your neck and shoulders in a natural and comfortable way. 

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