Wrist Physio - Smart Recovery System



The unique BODIFLX Wrist Physio provides a smart recovery system which combines our advanced 4 way graduated flex compression technology with Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) or sometimes referred to as NMES technology.  

PAIN RELIEF & RECOVERY COMBINED:  By combining compression therapy with EMS we believe gives increased benefits. With the two therapies working together this helps speed up recovery, improve mobility and relieve joint & muscle pain.


  • Arthritis, stiffness, muscle recovery and general day to day pain relief.
  • Muscle exercise to help improve flexibility and reduce stiffness
  • Better blood circulation,
  • Reduced inflammation and swelling 
  • Pain relief
  • Improved mobility

USE 3 WAYS:  1) Use compression sleeve by itself, 2) use the Recovery Therapy Pad by itself, or 3)  use together for maximum therapeutic benefit

2 SIZES OF COMPRESSION SLEEVE: We include two sizes of compression sleeve.  1) a small-medium size and 2) a large to extra large size.   We do this to ensure to sleeve you choose is perfect for you.  Not too tight or lose, plus you may find you use one size without the Recovery Pad and the other size combined with it.  The choice is yours !

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